M&T Bank CEO Appointed To NY Reopening Advisory Board

Appears To Be Only Banker In 100-Member Group

Keith Griffin

April 29, 2020

Rene Jones, CEO and Chair of M&T Bank | Courtesy Photo

René Jones, chairman and CEO of Buffalo-based M&T Bank, has been appointed to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s New York Forward Re-Opening Advisory Board. Jones appears to be the only banker among the 100 people appointed.

At a Tuesday press briefing, Cuomo said, “We've come up with a phased plan to re-open New York so every region in the state has the same opening template as we begin this process. We have to be smart about this - emotions can't drive our re-opening process - and we've come up with factual data points that each region must monitor as they begin to re-open.”

The governor said the advisory board is made up of business, academic, community and civic leaders from across the state to help guide the process and ensure businesses are following the necessary guidelines to preserve public health as we work towards a new normal.

Jones told Banking New York, “As a community-focused financial institution—the largest in Upstate New York—we have unique insights about how the pandemic is affecting local families, non-profits and businesses, including their employees and customers.  I’ll be bringing those diverse insights and perspectives, from both inside and outside the bank, on the best ways to return to a new normal.”

The advisory board will be chaired by Steve Cohen and Bill Mulrow, former secretaries to the governor. Here is a complete list of advisory board members as supplied by the governor's office. The group includes a significant number of representatives from public and private universities, as well as unions.

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