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  NJBankers Expands Online Training
NJBankers Expands Online Training

By Sabrina Younossi

As technological advancements are made within the financial sector, banks are increasingly utilizing Web seminars. A Web seminar is an enhanced telephone seminar containing interactive components – the ability to provide, receive and discuss information between the presenter and audience. These seminars are convenient and cost-effective training tools that are becoming an important component of the professional development opportunities banks provide their employees.
NJBankers acknowledges that it is important to provide up-to-date professional development programs that impact the banking industry. In addition to the American Institute of Banking (AIB) online courses and ABA eLearning courses the association has offered for years, NJBankers is now also co-hosting “Webinars” with the Texas Bankers Association and the prestigious Stonier Graduate School of Banking.
AIB provides a portfolio of training subjects and delivery options for bank employees and non-banking professionals. It is the largest industry-sponsored adult education program in the world. The online courses provide the same high quality education that banking professionals have come to expect from AIB, but at their convenience. The courses are facilitated by an instructor who will also go through each lesson and answer questions and provide feedback on given assignments.

Fast-Tracking Principles
AIB’s core course, the popular “Principles of Banking” program, is now offered as an accelerated, 10-week online course. The course touches on nearly every aspect of banking, from the fundamentals of negotiable instruments to contemporary issues and developments within the industry. The accelerated class covers all the content of the “Principles of Banking” textbook, but is not as in-depth as the standard 16-week course.
Another alternative to the instructor-led AIB online courses are self-paced, skills-based online courses through the ABA’s Knowledge Center. These ABA eLearning courses are usually two to eight hours in length and cover topics in retail banking fundamentals and sales skills; small business banking fundamentals and sales skills; trust and investments; regulatory compliance; management leadership; fundamental business skills; basic banking knowledge; and Internet and e-business.

Basic Training
The Texas Bankers Association provides Web seminars conducted by an instructor that incorporate a wide variety of hot topics in banking along with basic training. Programs consist of 90 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of live Q&A. Registering for a seminar provides one connection to the presentation, materials and 30-day access of the recorded program.
The Stonier Graduate School of Banking (GSB) has had more than 17,000 financial service professionals participate since the launch of its online seminars. These seminars are also instructor-led, are usually 90 minutes in length, and present topics that are comprehensive and fundamental to banking. In addition, in partnership with BISYS Retirement Services, GSB provides Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and Health Savings Account (HAS) training. These seminars have been designed and developed to be stand-alone and to cover specific topics of interest or focus on IRA and HSA training needs.

Find it Online
Professional development will continue to grow as more and more banks take advantage and implement resources for continuing education. As we advance toward the future, many changes are occurring and banks need to be prepared. Education is a key that enables financial institutions to prepare and be successful in the climate of change, and NJBankers is your source for online professional development.   

Sabrina Younossi is assistant to the director of government relations for NJBankers. She can be reached by e-mail at

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