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  Credit Lenders and NJBA Form Partnership
Credit Lenders and NJBA Form Partnership
Credit Lenders and NJBA Form Partnership
By Thomas J. Swider
Credit Lenders Service Agency Inc. is very excited to become the endorsed vendor of the NJBA Service Corp. for flood zone determinations. This is a great opportunity to share our expertise and industry-leading technology with NJBankers members.

We at Credit Lenders view this endorsement as a win-win solution for all parties involved. We get to expand our flood zone determination business while providing NJBankers members with the most accurate and cost-effective flood determinations in the industry. Through this value-added service to its members, the association gains another source of non-dues revenue, which in turn provides an additional benefit to members as a means of helping to contain dues expenses. As more banks purchase this service through Credit Lenders, more revenue will stream into the association. 

Bankers interested in learning more about the service are welcome to contact Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Marianne Corsaro at (800) 624-3303, ext. 1204, or

NJBankers’ efforts in the fields of legislation, education and increased offerings in products and service support for its member institutions have made the association stand out from other banking associations. Credit Lenders is proud to continue our long relationship with NJBankers and in the near future look to expand our products and services through additional endorsements.

Credit Lenders Service Agency Inc. began as a credit-reporting agency in 1982 and has become a leading national provider of credit-related products and real estate information services. Credit Lenders provides a “one stop shop” to complete the underwriting process for mortgages, home equity loans and certain consumer and business loans.

In our 24 years, we have diversified our business model to respond to the ever-changing lending requirements and regulations of the banking industry. Although products, services, regulations and technology have changed throughout the years, Credit Lenders has successfully maintained its practice of delivering timely and accurate information that either meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.          
Thomas J. Swider joined Credit Lenders in 2005 with more than 10 years of credit-related products and services experience. As president of Credit Lenders, Swider oversees the executive management team and the Real Estate Information Services, Credit Lenders Appraisals and Credit Lenders Credit Related Products business units. He has served on the board of the New Jersey Credit Association for six years and has been an active NJBankers member for over 10 years. He can be reached via e-mail at

Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2006 (Archive on Friday, December 29, 2006)
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