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  BoSox, September and Faith
BoSox, September and Faith
BoSox, September and Faith
By Christopher W. Pinkham
Wait until September! Pitching, pitching, pitching – where is the pitching! Predictable! Why does this scenario seem to arrive annually without any regard to what year (or decade) this is? Anyone growing up New England faces the same treacherous Days of September – no, not the dog days of August or those lazy, hazy days of July – we are into September and Red Sox countdown. 

Dating myself, I’ll admit that during my youthful days I would remember to have my transistor radio hidden under my pillow and an ear plug (versus today’s headphones) ready for those night games once the school year began in September. The usual parent/child conflict of returning to school meant earlier to bed even if the Red Sox played at night. Well, I had the system beat with my transistor radio, Curt Gowdy and WHDH. Maybe I realized that being loyal during the early 1960s would reward me years later with a World Championship, or maybe I actually thought that every year would be THE year. Either way, it has always been my September burden – live life through the Red Sox. So the time has arrived again in 2005 but with a very different twist – defending champions! 

How difficult to watch a West Coast road trip fizzle at the mound or hear rumors of trades that eliminate comfortable names and bring new faces to the plate. How difficult will having a day job become as the night games draw my attention? Ironically, others share my plight. More than one acquaintance has admitted that their evening routine has been disrupted this summer as a strange attention to Red Sox games captivates entire families. Even new (Johnny-come-lately) Red Sox fans find the rain delays frustrating but not enough to find alternative television programming.

Looking for the community banking connection – there is none. This is just an essay on life having value beyond work. Sure, professional sports have a great deal of house cleaning that’s needed, and yes I’d rather watch high school or college players play a less than perfect but real game, BUT really it’s September and Red Sox. Enough said!    

Christopher W. Pinkham is president of the Maine Association of Community Banks.

Posted on Friday, September 30, 2005 (Archive on Thursday, December 29, 2005)
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