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  Recap of the Annual Convention, IBANYS Progress
Recap of the Annual Convention, IBANYS Progress
It has been a busy autumn for New York community banks and the Independent Bankers Association of New York State on a number of fronts. 2017 was a very good year for IBANYS: Our membership continued to grow, as the number of community banks, associate members and preferred providers all increased. We revamped and enhanced our internal telephone and computer systems and upgraded and improved our website. As we prepare for the new year, I thought I’d give a brief summary of the fourth quarter of 2017.

A strong turnout of New York community bankers, IBANYS preferred providers, associate members and guests gathered in Niagara Falls in late September for the three days of business programs, a business trade show, recreational activities and unparalleled networking opportunities during IBANYS’ 2017 Annual Convention, “The Power of Community Banking.” Feedback has been extremely positive for this signature event of our association year. Speakers and roundtables addressed a full menu of timely and important topics. The exhibitors conference showcased a wide array of key products and services to enhance New York community banks. Our silent auction to support our political action efforts raised important funds as we approach a critical statewide election year. We introduced new concepts such as our new innovation showcase and emerging leaders segments, and a culinary school experience for spouses and guests (sponsored by The Bonadio Group); the convention was a big hit. IBANYS has posted links to speaker presentations on our website (www.ibanys.net).
Also at the convention, we elected new officers and directors for 2017-18. 2016-17 IBANYS Chairman Doug Manditch of Empire National Bank passed the IBANYS chairman’s gavel to 2017-18 Chairman Mike Briggs (USNY Bank). Chairman Briggs, Vice Chairman Tom Amell (Pioneer Bank) and Treasurer Mike Wimer (Cattaraugus County Bank) join Immediate Past Chairman Manditch to comprise IBANYS’ executive committee. We also now have three new directors on our board: Mario Martinez (Catskill/Hudson Bank), John Eagleton (Steuben Trust) and Tony Delmonte (Bank of Akron), and longtime board member Ron Denniston (First National Bank of Dryden) is now director emeritus. In addition to Denniston, we also recognized longtime and current IBANYS members and Directors Brenda Copeland (Steuben Trust), Steve Gobel (First National Bank of Groton), Bill Ryan (Cayuga Lake National Bank) and Peter Forrestel (Bank of Akron) for their many years of service and leadership to their banks, our association and the industry.
In October in Rochester and Albany, we held our Regional Security Conferences. These one-day sessions are intended to bring educational meetings to our membership in convenient settings, to reduce travel, cost and time away from the bank. We had an outstanding slate of speakers who shared their knowledge and expertise. Attendees, who also added continuing professional education (CPE) credits, heard about the latest attacks, how to reduce risk, participated in a “hands on” interactive session of a cyber breach...and much, much more. The conferences were both timely and important in-light of such recent occurrences as the Equifax and Yahoo data breaches. The program was designed for compliance officers, HR managers, IT security personnel, cashiers, training officers and branch managers of New York community banks, with presentations and discussions covering:
state of the threat landscape: update on latest attacks you need to know about
managing governance to reduce cybersecurity risk
incidence response tabletop exercise
putting fraud to the fire
sex, lies and mobile devices: the seedy underworld of mobile [in]security
if you think cybersecurity is about compliance, you’re already on your way over the falls
We also recently realized a significant victory on a key part of our IBANYS state legislative program, when Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law S. 3758-A (Hamilton), same as A. 8129-A (Zebrowski). It is now Chapter 380 of the Laws of 2017. Our Director of Government Relations andw Communications Steve Rice addresses this issue in his “Public Affairs” column elsewhere in this issue.
Meeting membership needs and priorities, providing quality educational programming, advocating for community bank interests – all these and more will always be on our IBANYS agenda, both in 2018 and in the future. You can bank on it.■

John Witkowski is president and CEO of the Independent Bankers Association of New York State. He may be reached at johnw@ibanys.net or (518) 436-4646.

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