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Community Service Corner
Community Service Corner
Bankers’ Day at the Legislature will take place on April 5. As always, it will be an opportunity for bankers to visit the State House for a first-hand look at the workings of the Legislature. Some bankers will shadow their local Representative or Senator for the day. Others will sit in on committee meetings or attend the noontime luncheon in the Hall of Flags to network with legislators and other bankers.

A highlight of Bankers’ Day is the ceremony honoring individuals who volunteer their services in a variety of ways. This year, a group of bankers selected by their institutions across the state will receive recognition for their contributions to their communities. For information on attending Bankers’ Day, contact Kathy Keneborus at MACB at (207) 791-8406, or Michaela Foster at MBA, (207) 622-6131.

Bank Foundation Awards
The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation has announced awards of a number of grants that will serve citizens and communities throughout Maine:
• $50,000 to the Kennebec Valley YMCA Capital Campaign to construct a 55,285 square foot facility in Augusta.
• $2,500 to the Southern Maine Agency on Aging for their Money Minders Program, which provides trained volunteers to help the elderly in organizing their finances, paying bills, balancing checkbooks and other financial needs.
• $2,500 to the Maine Council on Economic Education for the creation and publication of a survey of all Maine high schools regarding financial education classes and programs.
• $5,000 to the Bangor YMCA to support their Jump-Start Program, a mentoring program for first-time non-violent offenders and youth who are entering the juvenile justice system.
• $2,500 to the Portland Museum of Art for their ACCESS Online program, designed to make 19th century art and architecture exciting and relevant to middle school students.
• $10,000 to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute for the development of an inquiry-based marine science learning environment in middle schools across Maine.
• $5,000 to Maine Sea Coast Mission for support for in-school, after-school and summer programs for low income and underserved school children of Washington County.     
If you have an item for the community service corner, please contact Pam Green at MACB, (207) 791-8412, or e-mail greenp@mecb.com.    

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2005 (Archive on Wednesday, June 29, 2005)
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