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  LinkedIn’s New Look
LinkedIn’s New Look

By Carie Schelfhaudt

LinkedIn has been known for years in social media circles as the non-flashy, sleeping giant. However, LinkedIn has recently undergone a number of exciting updates within the last year to freshen its look and become a major competitor in the social media space. Now it’s up to us, as smart marketers, to utilize these new features to help reach our marketing goals.
LinkedIn Company Page updates added more customizable features, such as banner images on the company overview page and the products/services tab, as well as product icons. Call attention to what’s important to your visitors by utilizing the new features detailed below.
SQN Banking Systems, a leading provider of integrated fraud detection and process improvement products for the financial industry, recently utilized the new features available to companies to showcase their wide range of products.
“Our social media goal for 2013 is to earn top-of-mind awareness and reinforce our expertise within the industry,” said Rachel Woodman, director of marketing at SQN Banking Systems. “Being on LinkedIn allows us to provide our connections with the latest company updates, announcements and product releases, while simultaneously having a dialogue with existing customers and prospects about relevant industry trends and information.”
To see the new features in action while reading this article, visit SQN Banking System’s LinkedIn Company Page at
Company Overview Page/Home Tab: Create a banner image to promote and reinforce your financial institution’s brand. Banner images can be png, jpg or gif files at a maximum size of 2 MB. Images must be 646 by 220 pixels or larger.
Products/Services Tab:
Customize the tab by spotlighting featured products/services with a large, rotating banner image. You can create up to three banners that will rotate on the top of the page when a visitor clicks on the Products/Services Tab, each with a different click-through URL.
Create and customize individual products/services pages to showcase your variety of offerings. Each page should include a category, name, custom image, description, key features, contacts, YouTube videos and special promotions.
Design a product/service icon for each product/service listed on the tab.
Determine the order of your products/services to ensure that your best products/services are at the top of the list.
Request recommendations from customers that have used your product/service to help establish credibility.
Download the “Follow Company” chicklet for use on web pages and online marketing materials to promote your company’s presence on LinkedIn.

“The new LinkedIn pages are far more visually appealing than they ever were before,” said Woodman. “We feel that showcasing our products in a new light will allow us to really utilize LinkedIn as a sales and marketing tool, while reinforcing our brand.”
Another fun new option, and I encourage all bank marketers to do this, is to feature certain groups that you belong to on your LinkedIn Company Page. With more than 1.3 million groups available on LinkedIn, anyone can find the perfect group to share industry-related content, ask for advice, network with other members, post jobs, and discuss recent conferences and events. Featuring a group that is dedicated to financial education, such as the New England Financial Marketing Association (NEFMA) group, on your company page will demonstrate your financial institution’s commitment to understanding your target audience.
To stay up-to-date with these changes, regularly visit the LinkedIn blog at for marketing tips and information about LinkedIn updates. Or, regularly check your company page for new feature alerts.■

Carrie Schelfhaudt is director of social media at McDougall & Duval Advertising, based in Amesbury, Mass.

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