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  Keep Your Lending Process Moving in the Right Direction
Keep Your Lending Process Moving in the Right Direction

By Joe Ware

As the economy picks up steam, more consumers are now seeking funding on bargain real estate opportunities.

With the increase in equity loan volume, bank loan officers across the state feel pressured to make the lending process as smooth as possible for their customers – no simple feat in the flurry of increased loan activity.

Which route would
you rather take?
Banks that take the traditional route of manually processing real estate loans will likely find frustrating delays along the way, including slow approvals and turnaround times, caused by individual ordering and processing various lending components for each loan from different sources and systems. These include items such as ordering flood certificates, property valuations, title/lien positions and more.
All that adds up in staff and resources going back and forth between platforms, dealing with systems issues and money spent. This method simply doesn’t offer the much-sought after top customer satisfaction level that banks need to survive.
With both time and resources spent by your staff trying to get loans approved and customers funded, no wonder frustration comes up, both from the institution and consumer standpoints.
Wouldn’t it be simpler for your loan staff if all the real estate lending processes were all in one place?
Banks need a process with seamless workflow processing, so that loan officers can initiate, process, manage and approve loans right from their desktops. A product with a single processing platform allows loan officers to input borrower information just once, in order to get multiple application processes completed. This makes good business sense, especially when it leads to increased margins and reduced turnaround times for your equity lending.

Reduce risk and stay competitive
LendingXpressTM from SWBC is powered by the industry’s leading mortgage service providers and interfaces with the leading core systems used by banks across the U.S.
Designed for financial institutions, by financial institutions, LendingXpress  offers a fast and accurate tool to expediting loans. Industry-leading providers are used for valuations, lien position, and title and flood certifications, ensuring accurate and timely results. All necessary real estate lending support applications are available.
The program’s products and services are competitively priced, interactive, user-friendly and flexible. You also have the choice of selecting pre-bundled product sets or individual products, as well as warranted product sets. If there are only a few processes you need, there’s no minimum requirement for monthly product or service orders, so you can select just what you need each month.

LendingXpress platform features include:
Warranted AVMs
Broker price opinions
Lien position products
Flood certificates

Additional services are also available:
Closing and recordation
Tax servicing
Equity loan guarantee

Save money and time
The philosophy behind LendingXpress is simple: saving time and money. Think of the ease of doing business when all the lending process applications are in one place, available through one platform, and you pay for all these convenient services with just one bill. It brings you the one tool that quickly, efficiently and profitably processes real estate loans for your borrowers.

Joe Ware is vice president for SWBC, a diversified financial services company in San Antonio, Texas. He can be reached at 888-594-6575, or by email at SWBC offers a comprehensive lending application platform, including insurance, mortgage and investment services to financial institutions, businesses and individuals nationwide. For more information, visit

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