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  NJBankers Financial Management And Trust Division Moves Ahead
NJBankers Financial Management And Trust Division Moves Ahead
NJBankers Financial Management And Trust Division Moves Ahead
By Thomas M. Fasanella
Thank you again for the opportunity to work for and with you as president of the NJBankers Financial Management and Trust Division. We held a very successful annual meeting of the division Oct. 26 at Forsgate Country Club. Let me summarize my comments on that occasion.

First, 2004 was a year of change and restructuring. We positioned your Financial Management and Trust Division to join the 21st century. Here’s what we did.

• We restructured and streamlined the organization by combining several committees into just three committees - the Trust and Investment Committee, the Legislative and Compliance Committee and the Professional Development Committee. The Trust and Investment Committee is a combination of the Personal Trust, Employee Benefit and Marketing, and Business Development Committees. However, the Professional Development Committee is new. Its mission is to coordinate and promote CTFA accredited continuing education programs for professional development and advancement. Currently our members may have to go out of state to attend courses for certification.

• We assigned new dynamic chairpersons who will play important roles in 2005.

• We asked the chief executive officer of each member bank to recommend potential committee members.

• Under the guidance of NJBankers President Stu Cameron, the board of the Financial Management and Trust Division reviewed the bylaws for relevancy.

• The board changed the time and location of the annual Senior Management Conference so that in 2005 the leaders could use the meeting to strategize and address issues facing the division.

That was last year. Now what do we do? I have three key initiatives.

My first goal/promise is to bring relevancy to the division. We will recruit and embrace those members who are doers and want to join a committee. These are the people who will shape the future because they will be accountable and will identify and develop opportunities for the membership.

My second goal/promise is to emphasize training. Your board will explore and engage in thorough discussions as to how we can jointly train and network with trust professionals in other states. Further, each committee will be accountable to offer seminars and other types of training for our members. I expect that the Professional Development Committee will play a key role in coordinating these activities. Note that NJBankers is now offering AIB courses online. A schedule of these courses was included in the annual meeting packet. If, however, you need the information, please call or e-mail April Coles at the association. Her telephone number is (609) 520-1221, ext. 503 and her e-mail address is 

As an extension of the emphasis on training, I am committed to having timely quarterly articles about key issues and developments published in New Jersey Banker. We will reach out to our vendors and members to write the articles. 

My third goal/promise is to work with NJBankers and our lawyer friends to develop an agenda of issues that we could address legislatively.

To summarize, my goal is to bring the Financial Management and Trust Division into the 21st century. In this respect, 2004 was the year of restructuring - 2005 will be the year of implementation. We need your help and active participation to bring relevancy to our Division. How?

• Emphasize training through the committees and through NJBankers’ joint venture with AIB.

• Explore joint venturing with sister organizations in other states.

• Use the association’s magazine to educate the membership. We will ask our vendors and members to contribute articles.

• Work with the NJBankers and with our attorney friends to develop an agenda that is good for the trust business.

This is your organization. If you have any suggestions or wish to join a committee, please e-mail the division at or Thomas Fasanella at

I wish you, your families and your friends a peaceful, happy and healthy 2005.  

Tom Fasanella joined Evergreen Private Asset Management in 1990 where he serves as director and regional investment manager for portfolio management in North Jersey for high net worth individuals. He manages a staff of portfolio professionals who manage $2.5 billion. He may be reached at

Posted on Friday, December 31, 2004 (Archive on Thursday, March 31, 2005)
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