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Challenges Ahead
Saturday, August 04, 2007 (1393 reads)

Over the years, I have read the Massachusetts Banker quarterly magazine and viewed the Chairman’s Column as just another part of the magazine. Your perspective changes dramatically when told that, as chairman, you are now responsible for the column. It sounded easy until I became aware that I needed to make it informative, inspiring and entertaining.
That challenge notwithstanding, I look forward to being your chairman of the Massachusetts Bankers Association and, in particular, the writing of this column. I realize that over the next year, there is probably nothing else that I will do that will reach as many people in our industry.
The cover story in this issue is about the challenge that is facing all of us: attracting core deposits. As I reflect on this, three thoughts come to mind … innovation, involvement and cultivation. Not surprisingly, my thoughts run to my 30 years in the banking industry. This is not the first time that deposit gathering has been extremely difficult.

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Making Tough Choices
Saturday, August 04, 2007 (1740 reads)

Governing is much more difficult than campaigning or serving as the minority party. Democrats on both Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill are fully aware of that dictum as their leaders are now attempting to translate their new power into forging new policies for Massachusetts and the nation. For 16 years, Massachusetts had a Republican governor and a Legislature where Democrats held nearly an 8-1 margin over Republicans, while for the first time since 1994, and the only time since George W. Bush has been president, both Houses of Congress are now controlled by Democrats.

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